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Postby 521 Houston » Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:55 pm

Please allow me a couple minutes of your time to address some recently occuring issues:

If you receive a PM or email from one of our Admin / Moderator staff requesting you take action to correct an oversight regarding our rules and/or terms of service for membership, it is IMPERATIVE that you take immediate action to correct the issue and not ignore the message!


Failure to follow up WILL result in account suspension and/or removal from WWPDX.

I am seeing messages and notices being ignored by members, and as a result we are left with no choice but to take action against the account.

Your cooperation is needed and immediately required!


Improper posts in the classifieds sections: There are guidelines posted on requirements to post classifieds on WWPDX. PLEASE read them and follow them. Posts are being made without prices of TRADE/OFFER, not stating payment methods accepted, and if the price is with/without shipping included.

Classifieds Not Being Updated: WWPDX requires you to keep your classifieds updated at least on a bi-weekly status. This can be by your response to members inquiring about your product, or a simple "Still For Sale" post by you. Posts failing to respond to member requests for info WILL BE REMOVED! If you can't respond, then it is obvious that you are NOT keeping your post updated.

FAILING TO POST AN INTRO: When you register with WWPDX, you receive an email confirming your registration. There are requirements listed in that email, and in the second email you receive upon activation of your account. One of the main ones is that you "POST AN INTRO IN THE WELCOME FORUM" upon your signing onto the site, and BEFORE posting in any other section.

Forbidden and/or unapproved content in profiles/signatures: WWPDX prohibits the posting of outside forums on this site, yet we find people posting them in their profiles and sigs on a regular basis. This is to notify you that if we remove material from your sig/profile, and you ignore our action and replace it, your account will be removed! The same goes for racial slurs, sexual harrassment, and pornography found in any account sig/profile/link.

Business listings in profiles/sigs: You are required to ASK before posting any business in your profile/sig so we have a chance to determne if it meets the allowable content as per our terms of service. Failure to get approval will result in the material being removed. Continued violations will result in you being removed. PLEASE, ASK FIRST!

Failing to acknowledge an Admin/Moderator request: In the future, the admins and moderators are being instructed to deactivate any accounts who deliberately disregard/fail to respond to a legitimate notice from the staff. Your right to be here is a privilege, and as such we will NOT tolerate any disrespect to our staff. Our staff is composed of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to make this site a success, and as such deserve some consideration from our members for their hard work. If an Admin/Moderator contacts you about an issue, the LEAST response by you should be to at least acknowledge that you have received their message, even if you do not agree with it. At least that shows us that you are not just ignoring us, or simply do not care.

Thank you, one and all for taking the time to read this message, and thank you for your cooperation in keeping WWPDX as one of the premier radio sites on the web!

Your efforts are appreciated!

521 Houston....


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