Are YOU doing YOUR part to support

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Are YOU doing YOUR part to support

Postby 521 Houston » Sun May 18, 2008 10:52 am

Members, ask yourself this question:

As a member of WWPDX, am I doing MY part to support

If you're out there talking skip, or making watergates and posting them on the internet (not just here on WWPDX, but ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET), but you're NOT including - WORLDWIDE Pirates Of DX in your gate or even mentioning in your conversation, then well..... NO, YOU'RE NOT!

With all the gates that are being posted, and all the members on here that are talking skip - VERY FEW of you actually even mention WWPDX when you're on the air!

Come ON, people! Let's show some support!

WWPDX is more than just being a member - we need ACTIVE MEMBERS!

It's NOT like you're being asked to DONATE MONEY OR PRODUCTS to be members here!

All we are asking is that you TELL PEOPLE ABOUT WWPDX in your watergates and DX conversations! Is that REALLY so hard?

Additionally, those who ARE ACTIVELY showing their support of WWPDX will be more likely to receive offers for promotion to moderator status as well as offers for WWPDX promotional merchandise, materials, and services as they become available - JUST FOR SUPPORTING WWPDX ON THE AIR AND IN YOUR GATES!

So, how 'bout it? Show some pride in your membership!

Let's hear more gates mentioning your WWPDX name and/or WWPDX affiliation!

Let's hear WWPDX rolling through the airwaves during those skipland contacts!

It's easy, it's simple, and it's FREE!

Thank you for your support!
Your support is what urges me to keep WWPDX on the internet!
Your support is what helps us grow!
YOU can make the difference!

Tell your friends about!
Tell the WORLD about!
Rest In Peace, My Child, My Friend!
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