Teaberry - Model "T" 23 channel

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Teaberry - Model "T" 23 channel

Postby Goldfinger » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:18 am


C31 - Change to a .22uF, 50 volt or higher
Need more highs?
C33 - Change to a 330 or 220pF, 50 volt or higher


C34 - Change to a .22uF, 400 volt or higher
C37 - Change to a .22uF, 400 volt or higher
C36 - Change to a 22uF, 16 volt or higher Electrolytic. Observe polarity


C44 - Change to a .22uF, 400 volt or higher
More Highs?
C46 - Change to a 470 or 330pF, 50 volt or higher

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