Cobra 142GTL cap changes

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Re: Cobra 142GTL cap changes

Postby Goldfinger » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:40 pm


Change C91,C28, C108 and C110 to 2.2uF-4.7uF non polarized
Change C 118 to a 1000uF, 25 volt Electrolytic, observe polarity
More highs? Make C25 lower in value


Change C121 to a 4.7uF, 16V Electrolytic or Tantalum, observe polarity
Change C86 and C82 to 2.2uF-4.7uF non polarized
More highs on transmit? Make C111 lower in value. (also affects receive)

* non polarized means Mylar, Polypropylene or non-polar Electrolytic

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