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WWPDX.com - The NEW "WORLDWIDE Pirates Of DX!"

Postby 521 Houston » Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:38 am


WORLDWIDE Pirates of DX and the WWPDX.com website were formed as an informational community with the goal of becoming a user friendly and non-biased presence on the web where radio operators from all locations worldwide could gather together in the spirit of friendship and comradery to help one another and share information about the hobby of CB radio.

You may ask, why WWPDX? Why call yourselves pirates? Our reference to pirates stems from the term used to describe anyone who may be operating their radio equipment beyond the scope of what was originally intended. This may be by modding your radio, using an amplifier, using export radios, to even using frequencies outside your normal band (freebanding). If you have ever talked to a person in another city, state, or even country, you too are a pirate! Are you aware that by legal statutes, any conversations such as DX and skip that are beyond your line of sight are considered illegal transmissions? Yep, it's true! In that sense, we are all pirates in this DX World!

The WWPDX website and forum are a growing project, and will be constantly changing to meet the standards and expectations of radio operators worldwide, and hopefully will grow and encourage others to join in our efforts to increase goodwill and comradery between all the radio operators in the world today, tomorrow, and in the future!

WWPDX is a NEW forum and website, and should NOT be confused with the old "Pirates Of DXing" group created by Thumper in 2005, nor with ANY other radio forum in existence on the World Wide Web today! You may see a lot of familiar faces and names here, but rest assured, we are NEW and IMPROVED!

This website was set up in an attempt to RID OURSELVES OF THE PAST, of the problems, sponsor control, constant complaints, administration, and other issues faced by people coming here from the old forum, as well as the many other forums with similar characteristics. While there are still a few here who seem to want to hang on to the old ways, you can rest assured that we are actively fighting to break their old habits, and keep it off this forum in order to make a fresh start with all new guidelines and materials for you all to enjoy!

While at times our rules may seem a bit harsh, you will see the long term benefits and results by being a part of a forum and website where there are NO sponsors, NO praising of one particular radio or amplifier above another just because they are sponsors or affiliated with the website, and NO constant bragging about how wonderful one product is and by using it i'm an instant radio overlord able to smash all competition.... THOSE TYPES OF POSTS WILL BE DELETED ON SIGHT TO KEEP THIS FORUM PLEASURABLE FOR ALL!

We claim NO affiliation with the old forum, do not WANT any affiliation with the old forum, and do not condone the practices that were so obviously prevalent there!

We focus on the FUTURE, not rebuilding and resurrecting the past!

Out with the old and IN WITH THE NEW!

Thank you for joining the all new WWPDX.com!
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